Youth Ministry at Fairview Avenue Church

From midweek gatherings for lessons and games to quizzing tournaments and weekend retreats, youth ministries at Fairview Avenue strive to provide opportunities for spiritual growth and a solid foundation in the Word of God to teens as they bridge the gap between being children and reaching adulthood.

The Source – Youth Group

The Source, Fairview Avenue Church’s youth group, meets at the church every Thursday at 6:30pm for fellowship, games, snacks, and of course, an opportunity to get to know Jesus better.

On the last Friday of each month we also meet for “Final Friday Fun Nights” where the focus is on games and comradery. The nights have become a great way for the youth to bring a friend and introduce them to the group in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Weekly meetings: Thursdays* 6:30pm – 8:30pm (*no Youth group on the last Thursday of the month)
Final Friday Fun Nights: The last Friday of each month, 6:00pm-9:00pm

Summer 2024 Schedule


2 Youth Group

9 Youth Group

16 Youth Group

23 Youth Group

30 No Youth Group Tonight

31 Final Friday Fun Night Volleyball- Moved to Sat., June 1st


6 Youth Group

13 Youth Group at the Church Pavilion

20 Youth Group at the Church Pavilion

28 Final Friday Fun Pool Party! All Invited!


26 Final Friday Fun Night


30 Final Friday Fun Night


Fairview Avenue Church has started quizzing again, giving the youth an opportunity to learn and memorize the Bible in a fun way while meeting other teens from around the denomination for some friendly competition.

For more information about Quizzing, contact the church office.