Small/Home Group Ministry at Fairview Avenue Church

The purpose of small groups that meet outside of regular church meetings is to foster spiritual growth through the study of God’s Word and the sharing of more intimate needs and victories with the forming of close, supportive, Christ-centered friendships

Small Groups/Home Groups/Agape Group

We have groups that meet weekly at people’s homes, we have groups that meet weekly at the church, and we have groups that meet every other week in both places! Whether you are looking for a group that focuses on prayer or r one that focuses on Bible study or you just need some good Christian fellowship in a setting outside of a church worship service we have the group for you at Fairview Avenue Church. Contact the church office for more information.

Zoom Group

What started out as a way to connect with stricter Covid restrictions in effect turned into a thriving group that meets every Wednesday on Zoom to fellowship with each other and pray for each other whether they are here in Waynesboro or abroad! If you are interested in joining our Zoom small contact the church office for more information.