Jesus Christ is our Foundation.

Jesus is at the foundation of everything that we do at Fairview Ave., and we want to share the wholeness of Jesus with our broken world. We believe that it is important to wrestle with the Bible together. Like all families, we interpret the world through a particular lens. For Fairview Avenue Church, and our denomination, The Brethren in Christ, that lens is the person, teaching, and work of Jesus Christ. Follow the links below to learn more about The Brethren in Christ church and our beliefs.

Our Core Values

Shaping our identity and moving us to action, our ten Core Values reflect Christ’s call in our lives.

Articles of Faith and Doctrine

Summarizing our theological beliefs, the Articles of Faith and Doctrine share our biblical understanding of God and his work in the world.

Positions and Issues

Influenced by our theological traditions, the BIC U.S. position documents express our views on select theological topics.