Discover what God can do through you.

At Fairview Ave., you won’t be met with shame or guilt. No matter what you’ve been through or what your story is, this is a place to discover hope, grace, mercy and life! Come and be a part of our family this Sunday. You won’t regret it.

This is Who We Are

Who is the church that affectionately calls itself FABIC? What is our vision? What is our purpose?

We Are a Team

Life is better together, and ministry is better with a great team. Meet the guys and gals that set the pace for Fairview Ave. Church.

What We Believe

Jesus is at the foundation of everything that we do at Fairview Ave. He shapes our core values and the choices we make in our lives.

Our Mission, Vision, and Purpose

Five purposes of the church are commanded by Jesus in the Great Commandment and Great Commission. We have built our church around these purposes.