Sundays at 9:00am

Beyond just “Sunday School” Bible for Life classes aim to lead all ages to a deeper spiritual commitment to Jesus and help them to develop spiritual maturity. Classes happen before service every Sunday and include lessons, activities, projects, and more. Preschool through grade 5 are meeting in Room B4 for a Bible lesson appropriate for their age level. Teens meet in the Youth center and adults meet in Fellowship Hall.


Adults: “The Real Heaven” What the Bible Actually Says by Chip Ingram

There will be a video for each session followed by discussion.  The class will run 8 weeks. Watch a clip of what’s to come HERE.

Discussion Leader: Colleen Delauter

Meets downstairs in Fellowship Hall

Youth: (Ages 12-18) “Does God Exist?” Building the Scientific Case for God by Dr. Stephen Meyer

Leader: Rose Ray

Meets in the Youth Center

Kids (ages 4-11) Timothy & Paul Teach the Church

Leaders: Karen Harbaugh, Ron DeLauter

Meets downstairs in room B4