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March 25, 2018

Palm Sunday: “Welcome The King” John 12:12-19; Revelation 7:9-12

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The palm branch is a symbol of victory and freedom. On palm Sunday, it represented the hope of the people for a king. In the future, in Revelation, it symbolizes the realization of that hope.

March 18, 2018

Mission Possible: “Transformed Through Ministry” – Mark 10:35-45; John 13:14 – Series Conclusion

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Jesus took on the role of servant as He washed the disciples’ feet. He called them, and us, to service to one another in the church and to people in the world around us in the name of and for the sake of Christ.

March 11, 2018

Mission Possible – “Transformed through Community” – Acts 2:42-47

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God created his church to be a community. He created us to be in community. Being in community transforms us and others.

March 4, 2018

Mission Possible: Transformed Through Discipleship – Matthew 9:9; 28:19-20

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Pastor John and former Associate Pastor Shannon Benshoff tag-team to talk about how discipleship transforms us.

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